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Folding Umbrella
It is a collapsible umbrella which is foldable and meant for easy storage in the bag. A personalized folding umbrellas can be handed out during any regular promotional events and people are going to love them because it can easily fit into their bags and offer them a shelter from the burning sun and heavy rain. Click for more detail

Straight Umbrella
Straight Umbrellas can utilize large its space for imprinting business messages and it is versatile. These type of umbrellas are ideal for corporate events, associations and clubs as well as corporate trade shows and conferences. These straight umbrellas are easier to carry anywhere. Click for more detail

Straight Golf Umbrella
Golf Umbrellas are also known as full size umbrella. It is the most value effective promotional items in the market. Custom Golf umbrellas accentuate your logo and provide the most coverage. People love them because it shades them from unexpected downpour and allow them to enjoy their golf games with these huge umbrellas! These golf umbrellas are big and they can host a number of people and bringing you several elite customers at one go! Click for more detail

Beach/Garden Umbrella
Beach umbrellas can transform any dull outdoor vacation into a memorable occasion with its vast coverage and appealing colored canopy! These classic beach umbrellas are perfect to enjoy a sunny summer day by the beach with your family and friends, which can also be used as a great tool to attract your targeted customers who are hitting the beach.

These umbrellas are built to last and withstand harsh weather with ease. The customized umbrellas offer you liberty to enjoy the sun while managing to keep your body and belongings under its shade. Now you can get your beach umbrellas imprinted with your personal message, brand name or logo before fixing it at your preferred location. Click for more detail